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Cats: Furry Friend or Political Super Weapon.

Many of us consider cats to be nothing more than a cuddly companion or something to watch on the internet. New information surfacing from the stolen documents of the infamous Watergate scandal indicate that there may be more to your fluffy feline than you may previously have believed.

Consider for a moment, if you will, the characteristics of your cat. Your cat is lazy, sleeps all day, and lays around the house only getting up to eat and poop. These are characteristics we would never tolerate in another human being. Yet, when it comes to our cats, we are more than happy to provide housing, food and care to these loveable adorable creatures.

You may be shocked to learn that the common house-cat is not as common as you think. In fact, before the 1900’s, there were no domesticated house cats. We learn from the documents that were stolen from the Democratic National Committee headquarters way back in 1972 that democrats have secretly been behind a massive cat breeding and dissemination project designed to get cats into American households.

Why would they do such a thing? To make the American public comfortable with the idea of giving their hard earned money to those who just wont work to earn it for themselves! You feed and house your cat and require nothing of it in return! And so it all comes together. Cats are a democratic super weapon designed to proliferate and expand the welfare system! Don’t misunderstand, dear reader. We aren’t opposed to providing for those who truly cannot work for themselves. But we must ask ourselves, how much is too much?

I submit that defacing Egyptian hieroglyphs to add cats is too much! Deceiving the public, making us think that cats as pets have been common since Egyptian times going too far! Our founding fathers would surely never have allowed this common house cat to cry at the dinner table begging for scraps and neither should you!

The DemoCAT party has made its move. The time to take America back from the cats is now!

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