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Author: Craig

| Posted in 30fps, Pixels

NOTE: These articles work as a step-by-step guide. To get the most out of them, you should start from the first article in this series.

Now that you have an effective logline written for your novel, it’s time to breath life into your idea by giving it a clearly defined theme. You might be thinking, “Theme? Come on, Craig, I’m not writing one of Aesop’s fables.” To that I say, not so fast. There is a strong argument for theme. Read on to find out more.

| Posted in 30fps, Pixels

Ever dreamed of writing the next great American novel? The truth is, there’s a book in everyone. If you set your mind to it and use the right tools to plan out your process, you can finish a great novel. I just finished my 3rd novel, Allied Zombies for Peace. As I sat down to […]

| Posted in 30fps

It isn’t exactly clear where generation names come from; but every 20 years or so a new moniker is chosen. It could be that some put-away hermit with a Rumpelstiltskin beard and a passion for mind-enhancing incense quills a new appellative every 20-years and presents it to the world. One can only theorize.

I belong to generation X, which I feel was intended more as an insult than a nickname. Sure, there are the baby boomers and they should be justifiably embarrassed by their insidious handle, but no generation nickname implies the emptiness, the lack of hope, and the valuelessness of generation X.

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| Posted in 30fps, Pixels

Artistically freezing the action is easy with a few action photography tips. Even beginners, with a little practice, can take jaw-dropping action photos; it is a matter of understanding the basics of exposure and using an artistic eye.

Understanding exposure heads the list of sports photography tips. Exposure is defined as how much light hits the film or the chip in digital cameras. The more light that passes through the lens, the more exposed the film or chip will be. There is a proper amount of exposure for every photograph; too much and the photo will be too light; too little and the photo will be too dark. However, there is a difference between correct exposure and artistic exposure.

| Posted in Chaos

“Before all else, be armed.” The words of Machiavelli resound the might and clout of Rome during the age of its imperial peak. The empire of Rome dominated most of the civilized world at its zenith. Its borders spanned Europe, the Middle East, and northern Africa, swallowing and dwarfing the former Hellenistic empire of Alexander […]

| Posted in Chaos, Gangrene

Like so many pirates from our sordid history, Blackbeard is legend. Many people don’t even know that Blackbeard was a real pirate. The fact is, Blackbeard was one of the most notorious pirates to sail the seven seas.

Edward Teach (Blackbeard) shouted his first infant’s mewl in around 1880 in the town of Bristol, England. At an early age, Blackbeard went to sea aboard a privateer in the Spanish West Indies during the war of the Spanish Succession.

| Posted in Run CMD, Strategery

It can be asserted that online business is not only the future of business, it is the present of business. But the Internet is a huge world full of eager entrepreneurs of every size, all vying to cut their own niche out of the market. So how can you jump ahead of the competition? Search engine optimization can be one of your greatest weapons.

| Posted in 30fps, Pixels

Digital photography can become a lucrative profession. Taking pictures is an exhilarating hobby to many people, but to transcend from a hobbyist to the ranks of the professional photographer, it is necessary to take two steps: get educated and practice.

With the boom of relatively low-cost digital SLR cameras, it seems everyone is trying to start his own photography business. It’s common to see prosumer photographers at work on location taking family pictures or bridals. The question is: do these photographers know what it takes to compose and shoot professional pictures or are they running their cameras on auto mode, trying to get a few lucky clicks.

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