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| Posted in Chaos

Do you have killer creative ideas? Excellent, we love you. But keep them to yourself please. Years ago, I had the pleasure of attending a convocation at which Ray Bradbury, perhaps my favorite writer of all time, spoke. Apart from being a sweet man and quickly climbing the ranks on my list of people who I wish could be my grandpa, he offered some great advice. He told us all that perhaps the best advice he could give us as writers was to shut up. He told us to keep our ideas to ourselves.

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(click to enlarge) Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there from mediaRif (card design by Jayme Asbell-Luckau).

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Recently, I watched the movie Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper. The movie was about a writer who suffers from creative block. Cooper played a New York, vagabond-looking author with a killer publication contract—a contract so far from realistic that I almost laughed out loud. Cooper was commissioned, as a first time writer, to author a fiction […]

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Out Geek Me is mediaRif’s challenge to you, our dear readers, to prove that you can be geekier than us. This is no easy task, as we have 200+ years of cumulative geekdom under our belts (mostly from Ben). Tell us in the comments if you think you can out geek us.

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People often ask me, “Ben, what is your secret to life? To living successfully?” And of course I tell them that it is all about the Benjamins. Or at least one Benjamin, and that one being me.

Ok, so that may or may not be true (no one has actually ever asked me anything remotely like that), but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have an opinion on it. In fact, if you knew me better (and why wouldn’t you want that), you would know that one of my favorite past times is developing random opinions on the fly about most anything that is in front of me. Given the right situation I could build a pretty solid opinion about coffee, even though I don’t drink coffee and have no understanding of the draw, outside of the caffeine.

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Social Web Experiment #1 – FB National Innuendo Week

For those that know me, it should be no surprise that I am very interested in how ideas catch and then spread online in social networks. I really like playing around with that concept and trying to test my own theories on what motivators are primary in the propagation of such instances. For any of us that have email, or participate in online social networks like Twitter, MySpace, or Facebook, we all have experienced them – whether it is a service man’s faith promoting letter of dubious origin or a fund raising request for a dying child that has been circling the internet for more than a decade.

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MySQL Workbench - Connections View Shows Import Progress

Each week (give or take), Blogmaster2k brings you Technically Speaking, in which Curtis shares juicy tidbits of information for geeks and nerds (particularly of the developer flavor).  Email Curtis with your questions, hate mail, or juicy tidbits. As you might know if you work with MySQL much, the MySQL team has announced that they are not […]

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I’ll talk to an impassioned diesel mechanic about carburetors, rack and pinion steering, and engine block cubic centimeters all day long. But I become bored in seconds if I am forced to converse with someone about their cars, house, clothes, and CD collection. In life, it is the things that we do that define us, […]

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| Posted in Gangrene

(click image to enlarge) Introducing the first poster for our annual Agency Creative Event – The Gangrene Comedy Film Festival (designed by our own Mike Terrell). This is our 12th show and we are really excited about it. This year’s theme is “Size 12” and it will be a veritable celebration of all things Sasquatch, […]

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1 Infinite Loop

Each week (give or take), Blogmaster2k brings you 1 Infinite Loop, in which Curtis shines a light upon the greasy recesses of geekdom and technomancy.  Email Curtis with your questions, hate mail, or guild applications. I felt that it was appropriate to start off the first of the 1 Infinite Loop article series some information about […]

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