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The Importance of Optimized Copy for Search Engines

It can be asserted that online business is not only the future of business, it is the present of business. But the Internet is a huge world full of eager entrepreneurs of every size, all vying to cut their own niche out of the market. So how can you jump ahead of the competition? Search engine optimization can be one of your greatest weapons.


It is important to understand the difference between organic and sponsored links. Any link that you pay search engines for clicks is a sponsored link. On, these links are located down the right margin. To rise to the top in the pay-per-click sphere is simple; ay per click links are sold off to the highest bidder. In other words, you determine how much you are willing to pay to have someone click on your link. If your bid is higher than your competitors’, your link appears at the top.

Organic links are non-pay links. These, on Google, appear down the center of the page. Site administrators slug it out for top positions in the organic listings. To appear on the first page on a Google search is truly a badge of honor and usually does not happen on accident.

Google, and other search engines, use proprietary logic to determine organic link prominence. Site popularity and content are considered in determining link order. The more relevant to a respective search a site appears, and the more popular that site is, the higher it is listed when respective search terms are used to look for content. Hence, you can boost the positioning of your site by increasing its link popularity and optimizing your copy to applicable link words.


The first step in improving your Google listing is to find a few niche words that users are likely use. Let’s say you have a wholesale carpet business. Some words immediately come to mind like, carpet, floor, cheap carpet. But often these first impression words might not pack the punch you are looking for. You might pick “carpet” as a good word, but your competitors, who have committed millions of dollars into selling carpet online, might dominate that particular search word. Your site might appear at the bottom of the stack when the word “carpet” is used as a search term simply because of the competition to use that word.

It is better to find words that are not quite as competitive, but that net-surfers are likely to use. One great resource to help find such words is Wordtracker is easy to use, just key in a description of your business and Wordtracker recommends several good search word options. Word tracker uses its own rating system, called KEI (keyword effectiveness index), to rank words for performance.

To continue our example: with a quick search using “wholesale carpet sales” as the company description, on wordtracker, you might find the following phrases to be viable options: “wholesale carpet” (KEI .134), “Wholesale carpet padding” (KEI .087), and “carpet cleaning” ( KEI .065). These might all be top rated phrases given by Wordtracker.


When it comes to search engine optimization, the magic happens in the copy, not in the graphics, flash and other gee-wiz factors. It is essential to optimize your copy so the search engines are more likely to put your link on top when net-surfers search with your chosen key words.


Search engines regularly use web applications called spiders or crawlers to search web pages and update their search criteria. Spiders pay special attention to the opening paragraph of registered sites. Hence, it is essential that your chosen search words appear at least once in the opening paragraph of your page.

For example, a great opening paragraph for a carpet sales company that has chosen “wholesale carpet,” “wholesale carpet padding,” and “carpet cleaning,” might read:

At Joe’s Flooring and Carpet, we guarantee your satisfaction on our high quality wholesale carpet products. You can improve the beauty of your home on a tight budget with our excellent selections of wholesale carpet and wholesale carpet padding. You might also consider purchasing some of our carpet cleaning supplies at rock bottom prices. Why pay high retail prices for carpet when you can buy wholesale carpet from Joe’s for a fraction of the price.

The trick is to write your opening paragraph so it reads with a natural flow and still features your killer search terms.


In addition to placing your selected search terms into your opening paragraph, you should also pepper the rest of your page with the same search terms at least five times. Don’t worry if the copy gets a little long; long sales copy works great. Spiders crawl through individual pages within registered web-sites, so it is important to think of every page of your site as a potential target for search engine optimization. The more pages you optimize, the better your chances of climbing the ranks and nearing the top of the organic listings.


Spiders and web-crawlers frequently search the net for high quality copy. Web-crawlers work efficiently, crawling sites that are frequently updated more often and scanning sites that are updated infrequently less often. Hence it is important to change the copy on your web site on a regular and frequent basis. Some effective ways to do this are: update copy as it stands, re-word your copy, add and update testimonials. You might consider writing articles and posting/updating them on a regular basis. Stay active to increase the chance of spiders visiting your site more frequently.


There are many ways to improve your site positioning on major search engines. But optimizing your copy is definitely a great start. When you write your copy, think optimization as well as product sales. One of the best ways to boost hits to your site is to improve your organic listings. Effective, optimized copy is an indispensable tool to help boost sales from your site.

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