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The “Nickelback Guy”

A Fine Looking Band, Right There I Do Say

HECK Yeah!

I have a confession for my long-time friends.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I just can’t live in denial any longer.  At the risk of alienating friends and family, I just have to say it.  I’m The Nickelback Guy.

(Editor’s Note:  Hi everyone, Harley the cat here to help you understand a bit better the mind of Curtis.)

Yes, that’s right.  I’m the guy who likes Nickelback and thinks that they are pretty cool.  Yes, all of their songs sound alike.  But when all of your songs sound awesome, then why is that a bad thing?  (Editor’s Note: I’ve tried to explain this to him, folks, but he just doesn’t get it.)

I don’t really understand all the hatred and grumpiness associated with Nickelback.  I mean, sure…they are Canadian…I will give you that.  But it could be worse: at least they are not French.  (Editor’s Note:  I suppose we can probably all concede this as a valid point.)

I suppose I have to trace the origins back to being a teenager.  Nickelback was cool to me because they did all the awesome stuff I couldn’t do.  When I was sitting at the computer, learning C++, hacking apart saved game files to make myself godly, they were there.  When I was staying home from prom because I’d rather read a good fantasy novel rather than deal with the glamorous football team, they were there (reminding me that there is Somebody Out There).  Even though I was Far Away from that sexy lady who would like my eventual male-pattern-baldness and expanding waistline, I would Someday have a Photograph of her Savin’ Me!  (Editor’s Note:  huuahhhhhuhhhh…ugh, sorry furball.  I’m starting to regret licking this dude’s hand a year ago in the animal shelter.)

Regardless of the teenage angst, I think they represent good clean fun.  And I think I’m a better person for having their Youtube videos bookmarked across all my browsers.  (Editor’s Note:  Seriously, do you people fully understand that cats have enhanced hearing.  And he SINGS in the car.  Loudly.)

So there you have it.  I am the Nickelback Guy.  The guy who thinks he’s cooler than he probably is.  The guy whose teenagers roll their eyes at friends when he drops them off at school.  The guy who wants old leather trench coats because he secretly wants to be as cool as Nicolas Cage (EN: Ugh…I give up.  I”m not typing “editor’s note” anymore, nor am I going to try to explain this stuff to him.  I’m just going back to playing Curtis’ bear druid now that the World of Warcraft expansion is out.  Later folks!)