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What is Blogmaster 2000?

It slices, it dices, it avoids easy classification for an Agency blog (which actually is probably a bit of anathema in the marketing world), but what does Blogmaster 2000 really do? Good question. Actually, a very good question. And it is one that we debated internally here at mediaRif quite a bit as we approached our recent exercise in self rebranding.

If you have ever been to more than a few Ad Agency blogs, it is quite quickly apparent that there are a lot of smart people out there and they are all talking about the same things and have all pretty much reached the same conclusions. Which is expected. But what does all of that say about their agencies? What would it say about our agency (

The initial incarnation of our little agency was as a boutique Web & Software Dev shop. But our principals and our staff have always had wide ranging interests. Two years ago as I found myself unemployed in San Francisco during the great downturn of 2008, Craig Nybo and I connected to see what the possibilities were of me joining up with them. It was a very exciting thought – I have been friends with them for about 10 years, and have been involved with their annual Gangrene Comedy Film Festival ( since Five Golden Rings.

Part of the impetus for them bringing me on was to help expand what they do beyond solely Software driven Enterprise Web Solutions. We are more than the sum of our parts, but the sum or our parts is still pretty great. Craig is an accomplished and talented Film-maker, Larry is as an endlessly creative programmer and fabulous musician, and Mike Terrell is a brilliant artist and 3d animator. The whole Dev team (Curtis, Jase, Brandon,and Norm) can wax philosophically about W.O.W. and online gaming with a passion that could fuel Smaug on a 100 year rampage across Middle Earth. Suffice it to say, we like to laugh and we like to create things.  And we wanted to adjust the business model to allow us to do those things.

And that brings us to Blogmaster 2000.

In our planning sessions as we mapped out our online presence and how it should relate to how we wanted colleagues and clients and potential new clients to see us, it was quickly obvious that the most important thing we wanted to get across was that we are an agency with a personality. We are small, creative and smart. And we don’t want to be just another voice in the chorus singing the same song that everyone else is about SEO, Social Marketing, Mobile Web, etc.

Once we acknowledged that, everything else got pretty simple pretty quick. Strategy came together quickly and happily.

We assigned purpose to our primary website and our agency blog and tied it into our personality as a group.

Our primary website: focuses on our work and what we do and we built it so that it can scale easily as we add new content and examples of our work.

And Blogmaster 2000 would be all about our culture and personality. It is a place for all of our staff to cut loose and share what they are passionate about. It is a signal out to the world that allows clients and organizations to know quickly who we are and what we love doing. And if they get that signal, then we already know they are the types of people with whom we want to work.

We know that as far as the accepted strategy for corporate blogs and Search Engine Optimization goes we are going against the grain – but that is exactly why we are doing it. What is the fun in an endless series of dry posts that are saying the same thing as all of our competitors. If you, as a client, ask us our opinion on the big marketing topics of the day, we will most likely tell you what everyone else is telling you on their blogs, so let’s skip that part and let’s get to work, but until then take a few minutes and enjoy what our people are in the process of wroughting.

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