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1 Infinite Loop

1 Infinite Loop

1 Infinite Loop

Each week (give or take), Blogmaster2k brings you 1 Infinite Loop, in which Curtis shines a light upon the greasy recesses of geekdom and technomancy.  Email Curtis with your questions, hate mail, or guild applications.

I felt that it was appropriate to start off the first of the 1 Infinite Loop article series some information about the namesake.

I have a love/hate relationship with Apple.  I love the way they do things.  They are uber-geeks with soul.  I’ve loved their systems since I was a wee young lad playing black / white games on one of our first family computers.  I continued to love them while I was learning programming and playing around with the Macintosh Toolbox API on our upgraded color family computer.

I love how they are continuing to revolutionize the world with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.  I hate, however, how they are continuing to lock people into proprietary hardware and software.  My little geek brain has a quite difficult time integrating my love of the open source philosophy with closed source hardware and software concepts.  While I love America, our democratic republic, and capitalism, I also feel that people should have choices that work (at least nearly) as well as the paid app.  BUT…that’s a subject of an entirely different article series (see what I did there?)

So, without (much) further digression, I will continue talking about Cupertino, CA’s own 1 Infinite Loop.  Now, I could bore you with repetition of information from the Wikipedia article, or regale you with colorful commentary about infinite loops in the programming realm and pictures of puppies.  But I’m not going to sell out in my articles…no…no…n0-siree-Bob.

SO, what I will do, is have my Editor Harley the Cat add some color commentary.

Hello humans.  I wasn’t quite sure if I’d help Curtis out with another article after the Nickelback fiasco.  But let’s face it, he really wouldn’t have much content without my help.  I was able to find an interesting video showing the trek around the plaza.  (I’m going to try to get him to take me one day so that I can show Mr. Jobs the video our cat band put together with Garage Band, but now I’m starting to digress like he does.)

I love Apple for different reasons than he does. For instance, I like that their OS X software releases are named after very large cats (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard).  As a fairly freaking awesome feline myself, how can I not love that?

As a somewhat geekish kitty-kat (spelling “cat” with a “k” is a trendy, “cool geek” way of doing things nowadays) I think it’s pretty spifftacular when a company, such as Apple, incorporates general geekiness into their everyday way of doing things.  And it starts with their commercial real estate campus.

I think it’s important that we, The Council of the Technomancy, do our best to integrate the coolness factor of geeks into modern life.  We slowly see this happening as we see articles, blog posts, and educational research (yes I used one twice, sue me) being featured more prominently in the media.  He often tells me stories of ridicule when he was a boy, that they just didn’t understand geeks and gamers back then.  (When he had to trudge uphill both ways in the deep, deep snow just to play the original Zelda.)

I think it’s nigh-time for us to shed this fallacy that geeks are geeky!  And that geeky is bad.  I think it’s nigh-time for the youth of america to embrace our forum in the world.  Technology can solve many current issues.  I even think we can plug the hole in the ozone layer with all of the old light bulbs that the new halogen lamps will be replacing.  So I call on all of you Dads out there to sit down with your kids (not just your daughters) this weekend and play a few rounds of MarioKart.  And when you’re done with that, make sure you give the family pet some scratchin’s and lovins’ (but not the dogs, they should be banished outside in the cold away from the cat food and water dishes.)

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