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Technically Speaking: MySQL Workbench – What’s the Status of My Import Script?

Each week (give or take), Blogmaster2k brings you Technically Speaking, in which Curtis shares juicy tidbits of information for geeks and nerds (particularly of the developer flavor).  Email Curtis with your questions, hate mail, or juicy tidbits.

As you might know if you work with MySQL much, the MySQL team has announced that they are not supporting MySQL Administrator  or MySQL Query Browser any longer.  They are suggesting (demanding) that you now download the MySQL Workbench application.  There was a very useful feature in MySQL Administrator that allowed you to peek at connections and see what was happening on each connection (including the SQL Statements being executed.

I have found this glorious view in the new MySQL Workbench application.

The image below shows a screenshot of the new tool.  The third line down shows the applicable import process occurring.  You can track said progress of the import by monitoring the ever changing SQL Statements processing on this line.

MySQL Workbench - Connections View Shows Import Progress

MySQL Workbench - Connections View Shows Import Progress

Hello again, Humans.  This is Harley speaking.  Well, look at that folks!  He was able to get through an entire post without me correcting him!  I’m so proud.