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Social Web Experiment #1 – FB National Innuendo Week

Social Web Experiment #1 – FB National Innuendo Week (This is the first in, hopefully, a series of attempts to engage our readership, friends and family in playing around with the changing conventions of online social etiquette, while at the same time exploring this new environment and culture. Don’t be shy, jump in and play – this will be a lot of fun.)

For those that know me, it should be no surprise that I am very interested in how ideas catch and then spread online in social networks. I really like playing around with that concept and trying to test my own theories on what motivators are primary in the propagation of such instances.  For any of us that have email or participate in online social networks like Twitter, MySpace, or Facebook, we all have experienced them – whether it is a service man’s faith promoting letter of dubious origin or a fund raising request for a dying child that has been circling the internet for more than a decade.

I, being the naturally curious and mischievous person that I am, have tried similar things on multiple occasions before with little success, mainly because a successful meme needs to have a seeding period where the immediate close network of the originator helps spread it around into their network. It hasn’t worked to the extent I would have liked because, I suspect, most people that I am connected to automatically assume that I am just messing around (which is true) and therefore what I am doing isn’t necessarily important (which isn’t true… completely… maybe a little… but still, where is their joy in trying new things and discovering how their – online – world really works?).

The closest I have come to something taking off was when I created “Share a Fake Story of How We First Met”, which was a spoof on a then annoying yet popular FB meme. This was about two years ago – initially I got a lot of traction on my own status post and it was funny and fun, but I only saw one person reshare it and then it fell off the radar. However, just last week I saw it pop back up again, in a slightly changed format, but not completely and with a lot of my original wording still intact. This got me extremely excited about purposely created memes, again.

I immediately started to work through what I felt my thoughts were on these subjects, and based on my extensive experience (seriously, all I do is work on the internet – I am either researching technology or trying to catch up to others that are, in addition to spending an inordinate amount of time on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn) I listed out the things I suspected a meme would need to jump start quickly. It would have to be inviting, simply explained, not take a ton of ability to participate, and would entertain both participants as well as lurkers.

Anyway, enough preamble and ramble. This is what I came up with. Please, share the following copy as your Facebook status update and let’s see if we can get it to catch:

‘It is National Innuendo Week on FB, to participate just reply to your friends’ status updates with something vaguely suggestive, like “That’s what she said”. Feel free, though, to respond with something a bit longer if that is what you would like… (That’s what she said!!)

Please repost, have fun and be safe.’

Thanks in advance to any of you that help and let’s keep track in the comments below here whenever we see it pop-up somewhere, as well as sharing our favorite stories from what our friends post.

(Feel free to join me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter or connect to me on LinkedIn.)