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Out Geek Me – Issue 1

Out Geek Me is mediaRif’s challenge to you, our dear readers, to prove that you can be geekier than us.  This is no easy task, as we have 200+ years of cumulative geekdom under our belts (mostly from the old man of the office, Ben).  Tell us in the comments if you think you can out geek us.

We would like to focus this first challenge on the subject of video games.  Achievements are a big part of gaming these days, and while it’s fairly easy to complete all the achievements in some games, others require weeks of hard work.

My biggest geek moment in video games was well before the achievements of the Xbox 360, or the Trophies of the PS3 – on the humble Playstation 1.  I’ve completed Final Fantasy VII many times before. I’d even beat the extremely difficult, but optional Boss Battles: Ruby and Emerald Weapon, which is quite the achievement in and of itself.  But my true claim to glory came when I beat Final Fantasy VII in literally one sitting, over 27 hours.

Keep in mind that while that seems like a long time, my first play through took me several months and over 80 hours of game-time to complete.  Chances are good that if you have a question about Final Fantasy VII, I have an answer.