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My Personal Invite to The Gangrene Film Festival: Size 12 on Sept 2, 2011

Hello my dear friends with connections to Utah.

It is time once again for me to do a quick personal plug for our annual Comedy Short Film Festival ( & It is only a little over a week away and I would like to encourage you to attend for a multitude of reasons (several of which I bullet-pointed last year and will now copy and paste and update where necessary):

  • It is funny – probably the most laugh filled night I have each year (and I produce a weekly stand-up comedy show and a quarterly comedy cabaret), and it will be for you too
  • It is inexpensive – a whole evening of filmed and live entertainment for only $10 bucks each, seriously a great deal (plus I have discount coupons available for you if that is a temptation, and why wouldn’t it be? You’re in Utah!)
  • Did I mention that Wasasquatch – the World’s most wonderful Bigfoot Rock Band ( are our special guests this year? It’s true, and they have much better hygiene than you would expect, we are definitely looking forward to seeing them perform on our stage as well as getting to hang out with them  (
  • Comedy from all over the world – this year we have films from all over the US, Canada, and Australasia (New Zealand, actually), and they are all funny and well done and family friendly
  • Yes, it is a Family Friendly Film Festival, so feel comfortable with bringing your children – now that doesn’t mean the Festival is aimed at families specifically, it isn’t kiddie stuff , but there is nothing terribly objectionable
  • It is funny – did I mention that, seriously, it is funny, it is probably my favorite night of the year, due to all of the laughter
  • There is nothing like it anywhere else – it is a one of a kind experience, to be sitting out under the stars with a thousand other people and just laughing until your sides hurt, it takes on a momentum all its own
  • We put our hearts and souls into this, it is always on our minds from the day the previous festival ends to the final curtain of the next
  • Did I mention Wasasquatch – the preeminent Bigfoot band (
  • You would be supporting local arts – because that is what this is, it is absolutely local even if we have films being featured from out of state, this festival could not have gotten started anywhere else in this particular way than right here in Utah, so don’t tell me that you are a big supporter of local arts and entertainment and then only go to the festivals that are exactly like every festival in every other city in the country trying to be hip and current, support the real local events that don’t exist elsewhere
  • It is funny, hysterically so, deliriously so, emphatically so
  • And finally, attend it for me, I want to share this with you, my friends – I put too much work into it (along with the rest of the Producers) to make it memorable and entertaining for you (yes, you specifically) and it always makes me sad when you don’t come

So, there you go – how will you ever be able to look me in the eye again if you don’t come and join us?

So, see you there, right?



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