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My Summer Internship at mediaRif by Hannah Hendricks

(Each summer we have an intern join us in the office to help us through the crunch time of  the Gangrene Comedy Film Festival, which is our annual agency creative event. This year Hannah Hendricks has joined us for a little bit before she heads off to college in Logan, Utah to Utah State University. We asked her if she would be willing to share her thoughts about working with us so far. Though she didn’t actually jump eagerly at the opportunity – and who could blame her after you read this – she was still game, anyway.)

When my dad first told me he had hooked me up with a job for the summer at a company called mediaRif, I pictured myself as your typical business woman depicted in movies, going to work in a big office space, dressed in a pinstriped suit, hair tightly wrapped in a bun with a briefcase latched to my side.

This image I had drawn up in my mind totally changed when we first drove up to the office which is an old brick building located right next to the Kaysville Theater in Kaysville, Utah. “There’s the door to your new workplace,” my dad announced amusedly, pointing to an old rickety red door on the back of a building.

Never having worked a day in my life I had no idea what to expect when walking up the old staircase to their office space. When I entered the first thing I noticed was a huge guitar dangling from the wall in the middle of the room which I thought was pretty cool since I  play and love any kind of guitar.

Later after talking to Ben about working at mediaRif, I learned that my desk would be right beneath that guitar. That was something I never imagined going into a job at an office, but hey, I’m not complaining!

Over the past month, I have gotten a good gist of the atmosphere at mediaRif which, I’m not going to lie, is pretty nerdy. Everyone who works here will be the first ones to admit that. Almost every day I come in and get to hear a lot of different conversations from programming and work oriented stuff to video games or the latest Sci-Fi movie.

Honestly not knowing anything about any of those things I sit at my desk a lot of the time in total confusion. Sometimes it’s hard not to laugh when the whole office gets going about some really bizarre subject like creating a “Scream-o Kid’s Band” for a good 20 minutes.

I believe that happened my first day of work.

Even though we do spend a lot of time working in the office I have gotten to do some things I have never done before. For example, one day at work the whole office went Go-Karting and then went to Applebee’s which was a nice break from the typical day.

Another time I got to go to a music video shoot for a Journey tribute with the band dressed up as Yetis in a forest… I bet you haven’t done that before!


(Here is the music video with the Yetis that she mentioned.)