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The Gangrene Comedy Film Festival Goes Bigfoot – Official Press Release


EDITORS: For press kits, or interview requests, contact:
Craig Nybo, Publicity Coordinator
Cell: (801)309-3353
Work: (801)544-8989 ext. 100
For PK hardcopy, please include a street address.

The Gangrene Film Festival Goes Bigfoot

KAYSVILLE, Utah, August 8 – After seeing the Gangrene Comedy Film Festival put on 11 years of off-the-wall shows, including such antics as luchadore wrestlers, Mini Kiss, break dancing pirates, and tap dancing grannies, it’s no surprise that fans of Gangrene are scratching their heads and wondering what Gangrene will do in 2011.

“We’ve decided to go Bigfoot,” said festival board member, Ben Fuller. “They’re furry, they’re vicious, and they make us laugh. We know our fans will love it. It’s going to be all guttural grunts and chest-pounding.”

The Gangrene Film Festival is known for putting the eccentric on stage. In the past, the show has featured Gerry Phillips, a performer who plays songs with his hands in an unseemly wind-breaking timber, and The Rhinestone Roper, a whip cracking, gun-shooting, knife-throwing wild western show—both of these performers, interestingly, have gone on to showcase on America’s Got Talent. In 2010, Gangrene brought the little people rock band, Mini Kiss to Utah for a night of downsized heavy metal.

For 2011, Wasasquatch (, a self-dubbed Bigfoot rock band plans to debut their show for the first time before a human audience. “Gangrene fans are going to love them,” said Gangrene board member and co-founder, Craig Nybo. “They claim to play only the most beloved songs in the Bigfoot community. Apparently Journey’s Worlds Apart (Separate Ways) qualifies and they plan to play it.” [Official music video:]

Along with the usual oddball live entertainment, Gangrene promises a new crop of hilarious short films from all over the world. “It comes down to this: if it makes us laugh, we put it in the show,” said Gangrene host, Nate Peck. “This year we feel that our entries are stronger and funnier than ever. We have entries from New Zealand, Canada, France, and the U.S.  and they all speak our language: funny.”

It’s no wonder that after a dozen years; word is getting around about the Gangrene Film Festival. “Every year more people come out for the show,” said Rick Nef, Gangrene board member. “There is nothing more fulfilling than sitting in the back of the venue, listening to hundreds of people laugh their heads off, and knowing that you had something to do with it. We feel that if the audience laughs, our work is done.”

The Gangrene Film Festival, a one-night event, will take place at the Ed Kenley Amphitheater, located in Layton Utah, on September 2nd. More information is available at




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