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My Fantasy League Picks – 2011

It is time once again for Fantasy Leagues all over to have their team drafts. My Fantasy Chess League is halfway through the season and doing decent, even though Scott went on an Anti-Semitic rant and ran off to live in Iceland (seriously, some people are just too method for their own good) – he is in the lead. However, it is draft time for my Fantasy Music Festival league.

Ben-a-Palooza (shut-up, all the good festival names have been taken) is an annual Fantasy Festival that celebrates my lack of interest in sports. It has been in existence since the writing of this article. Scoring is done at the end of the year by adding up all the shows my bands have appeared in, thusly:

  • Every actual festival the band has played in during the year – 5 points
  • Every team up show the band has played in (Journey/Foreigner, Elton John/Billy Joel, Frank Stallone/The Bacon Brothers) during the year – 2.5 points
  • Every Headlining Stadium show during the year – 1 point
  • Every regular tour show during the year – .25 points
  • Individual members touring as solo acts or as parts of other groups – .1 point

At the end of the year, you add all of the points up and then factor that total against a multiplier derived from a 1 to 10 (or however many line-ups there are in the league) ranking as judged by the other players in the league based on how much they like your line-up and would like to see them perform. The rankings are all averaged to derive the multiplier used to even out the point scores.

Complicated? Yeah, that is what happens when I wing things on the fly in an off the cuff manner without putting much thought into before hand.

You can have up to 8 bands on your Fantasy line-up, but must have a minimum of four. Bands, obviously, have to be currently active – not sure what good it would do for you to have the Beatles on your line-up, however, Paul McCartney would be helpful since he plays a ton of dates, however, he isn’t a big festival act. In an ideal world I would say that you cannot pick an act that someone else has already picked, but since I will most likely forget that I wrote this in the next month and unless you readers remind me next year at this time, then it probably doesn’t really matter.

Now, my line-up*.

  1. The Flaming Lips: these guys are my aces in the hole, cause they tour constantly and they have never met a festival that they didn’t like. Plus, they are one of my favorite bands, so it is kind of a win-win for me
  2. Poi Dog Pondering: this is a sentimental choice, they hardly tour any more. However, Frank Orrall, the band lead, tours fairly frequently with Thievery Corporation. Plus you can never discount loyalty.
  3. The Foo Fighters: I’m not a big fan, but they play a ton of festivals.
  4. Wilco: because I dig them well  enough and they do several festivals a year.
  5. The Aquabats: I don’t know if they do many festivals, but I can’t imagine that a band as fun as them wouldn’t be invited to a ton.
  6. Spoon: they are a perfect festival band, hip enough to fit in, but independent enough not to sound like every other band.

So, that is my line-up (I really should have researched this all a lot better before doing this…) – now it is your turn. List your line-ups in the comments and rank (in the good sense, not the street sense) each other’s festivals and let’s see who wins.

(* This line-up is not my dream line-up, it is solely intended to help me win the game. My dream line-up would include the first two listed bands, and then Breathe Owl Breathe, Lemon Demon, Bonearama, Andrew Bird, Easy Star All-stars, Dread Zeppelin, William Shatner, and Wasasquatch.)

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