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Up Your Geek Cred

Just a quick thought if you’re looking to up your geek Cred: Should you find yourself delving into the deepest and darkest corners of the internet (don’t wake the Balrog) and find yourself on YouTube, do yourself a favor and enjoy a game of snake.

That’s right, you can play snake on any YouTube video.

Here’s how: Load a YouTube video – the longer the better, because your game ends when the video does. You’ll also want a video that is always changing. For instance, if you’re listening to a song that just has album art as the background and never changes, you might find yourself in trouble, because the dots your snake eats are white, so any unchanging white space can make it impossible to find.

I personally suggest the OMEGA extended version of Nyan Cat:

Once your video is loaded, you have to make sure the video player has the focus. This is as simple as hitting play. When the video starts hold down the left arrow key, and then hit the up arrow key, and you’ll be in a game of snake.  If you can survive all 3 1/2 hours of both listening to Nyan cat and not dying in snake, I’d like to shake your hand.

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