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Technically Speaking: The Poetry of Syntax

Each week (give or take), Blogmaster2k brings you Technically Speaking, in which Curtis shares juicy tidbits of information for geeks and nerds (particularly of the developer flavor). Email Curtis with your questions, hate mail, or juicy tidbits.

One bug
Two bug
Red bug
Blue bug

I do not like them in my code.
I do not like them on the commode.
I do not like them on the server.
I do not like them with a fervor.
I do not like them in any tier.
I do not like them, buccaneer!
I do not like defects and spam.
I do not like them, Curt I am.

Harley’s Note: I, too, dislike bugs. However, I only chase them and sometimes chew. I never really eat them because they are disgusting. Thus I fully support this post and have very little criticism (other than suggesting to Curtis he should stick to programming and leave poetry to the masters.)

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