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The Gangrene Film Festival: Apollo 13 Event Line-up

Gangrene Film Festival: Apollo 13
Films, Directors, and Synopsis
Friday, September 14th, 2012


General Audience Session (7:00 P.M.)

Voting Room
Directed by Joey Blackburn
A young man tries to make a mind-boggling decision of whether to vote for the republican or democratic candidate.

Nap Time
Directed by Chris Capel
Naptime is an infomercial spoof for a fake product that stops children from throwing tantrums instantly!

The Handshake
Directed by Danny Hankins
Nooo! Derek just blew another job interview because of his terrible handshake. He’s determined now, though, until he beholds the massive paws of his next interviewer.

Halo Vs. Predator
Directed by Tim Winn, Boston McConnaughey, and Andrew Hancock
What would happen in a standoff: Halo Vs. Predator in open combat, in checkers, in a cook off?

Directed by Adam Hall
Hired at the behest of an imaginary golden puma by a certifiable “genius,” Dave must navigate a maze of eccentric colleagues to run a successful (or even functional) research and testing facility.

Devil’s Children
Directed by Craig and Larry Nybo
Rock video to the Rustmonster Pirate band’s song, “Devil’s Children.”

Shaking Hands with D and Danger
Directed by Patrick Murphy
An industrial film about how to stay safe while playing role playing games.

Tilting at Skyscrapers
Directed by Benjamin Pitts
When a gamer is overcome by his obsession, his neighbor must shepherd him home.

The Muppetless Movie
Directed by Vincent Gargiulo
Faux-Trailer for ‘The Muppetless Movie’ with human actors playing the Muppet characters.

Those Forgotten
Directed by Alyssa Buchanan
An old rivalry between elderly shipwreck survivors leads to a deadly game of one-upmanship for the honor of being the last living survivor.


The Late Session (10:30 P.M.)

The Green Family Elbow
Directed by Zach Green
A Father after a recent divorce, and his son, Beau, are forced to deal with the outside world that mislabels them as homosexuals. Based on a true story.

Kitchen Sink Drama
Directed by Nicholas Clifford
Aaron is going to propose to Stacey but in doing so discovers that by playing a joke beforehand he may have ruined the entire relationship.

Expiration Date
Directed by Ryan Lagerstrom
During a gloomy Christmas eve, Jack takes his date to the ‘couples only’ Christmas party across the street. However, there is just one problem: she might not be alive.

Halloween with Dad
Directed by Peter VanOosting
On Halloween night, a father works on a macabre project with his son.

Sid and Mel
Directed by Dave Kost
A dark farce about morality, dismemberment, dogs, Christmas, chicken wings, and friendship. Sid and Mel are seedy, though lovable petty criminals out for a Christmas-eve snack when they stumble into what only seems like an abandoned restaurant. Their friendship is tested as the situation takes dark and absurd turns.

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