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Gangrene Productions and mediaRif: A Glance Into the Future


We who have the pleasure of working at maintain that we do mediaRif while the lights are on. When the lights go off, it’s time for Gangrene Productions. Every company, in my opinion, should have an alter ego, a place where the company as an identity can go to create products out of pure passion. For us, Gangrene Productions fills this void.

At mediaRif, we concentrate on producing great work for our wonderful clients. The work is mostly commercial in nature, industrial videos, commercials, online commercials, and broadcast productions.

Gangrene Productions, on the other hand, produces only what we want to produce unfettered and unleashed. Because Gangrene Productions must come out of our own pockets, the budgets on these products lack weight. But slim budgets force creativity.

We see bright futures for both mediaRif and for Gangrene Productions. At mediaRif, we strive every day to improve our processes, to please our clients, and to create an unrivaled work environment of fun and creativity. Our client book increases regularly as professionals out there in the world learn that working with mediaRif is an absolute blast.

On Gangrene Productions’s side, we continue onward and upward producing live events like The Gangrene Film Festival, and SLCNerd. But our main focus is currently shifting to piloting a new web series on which we have been working diligently. The series will feature everything we love to do, filmmaking, music, and story writing. I can’t say much at this time, but the working title for the series is SPACE FUNK. We will put out more information as it becomes a reality.

In short, when it comes to mediaRif and Gangrene Productions, we just want more. We want more great client relationships—our clients are our best friends. We want to create more movies, music, books, and live events. We love it all. We are addicted to it. We can’t get enough of it.

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