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Author: Brandon

| Posted in Chaos

Many of us consider cats to be nothing more than a cuddly companion or something to watch on the internet. New information surfacing from the stolen documents of the infamous Watergate scandal indicate that there may be more to your fluffy feline than you may previously have believed. Consider for a moment, if you will, […]

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Just a quick thought if you’re looking to up your geek Cred: Should you find yourself delving into the deepest and darkest corners of the internet (don’t wake the Balrog) and find yourself on YouTube, do yourself a favor and enjoy a game of snake.

That’s right, you can play snake on any YouTube video.

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Out Geek Me is mediaRif’s challenge to you, our dear readers, to prove that you can be geekier than us. This is no easy task, as we have 200+ years of cumulative geekdom under our belts (mostly from Ben). Tell us in the comments if you think you can out geek us.

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`Twas the blog before Christmas and all through ‘The Rif’,

Not a key on the keyboard was clicking, not even the ‘shift’.

The glow of the monitors sat on each chair,

and the doors and the windows were locked up with care.

| Posted in Chaos

On a recent reading of J.R.R Tolkien’s classic β€œThe Hobbit,” I couldn’t help but draw some comparisons between the world of Middle Earth and our own current political system. I won’t claim to be the first person to cite the obvious similarities between Gollum and Nancy Pelosi (She’s so good at riddles).

I will take credit however, for noting that the Great Goblin who lives under the Lonely Mountain and Dick Cheney both sit on thrones made from the bones of their enemies. Bonus fun fact: Once we get to the Lord of the Rings, we have nine Supreme Court Justices and nine nazgul, all wearing black robes. Also, they were all once mortal men! Coincidence? Hardly…

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