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Category: 30fps

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This Veronica Mars/Kickstarter thing is pretty cool, but the media are going way overboard in their proclamations that it has changed the way Hollywood does business. It isn’t true because Kickstarter is just not a reliable or valid ongoing business model (unless you are actually Kickstarter, that is). If your business’s ability to meet its […]

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EDITORS: For press kits, or interview requests, contact:

Craig Nybo, Publicity Coordinator


For PK hardcopy, please include a street address.

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BLOGMASTER 2000: Mr. Ben Kent – filmmaker, programmer, funny person, and genuinely good guy. How are you doing and thanks for being my inaugural interview here on Blogmaster2000.

My main hope with this series of interviews, as we discussed briefly when I reached out to you about participating, is to connect with people I genuinely admire and try to dig in a little bit to get a better idea of what drives them (you) and how you got here from there. So, if you are ready, here we go…

What was your dream job as a kid? How is this different from where you are now?

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All of us here at mediaRif and Gangrene Productions would like to thank their friends and clients with this original Christmas song, I’ll Be Home For Christmas (If I Haven’t Blown a Fuse), written by Craig Nybo and performed by Craig Nybo and Larry Nybo (additional background vocals by Curtis Spendlove, Norm Johnson, Brandon Beck, Mike Terrell, and Ben Fuller).

This video was recorded and animated, by Mike Terrell, at mediaRif studios.

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novel writing tips

Explore the voice and narrative point of view in your story by writing a short story using your protagonist. Craig offers a short fiction example using the running novel example in this article series, The Integrity of Gus the Plumber.

A recording of this short story can be downloaded from Craig’s Podcast. You can subscribe for free on iTunes. Just visit the iTunes store and search using the words Craig Nybo. By subscribing, you can listen to many of his stories.

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novel writing tips

Some authors pound their staves, declaring like town criers, that the best place to start when writing any story is by exploring the main characters. These authors are correct in this sentiment. There are other authors who, with perhaps an even larger staff, pound even harder, shouting that plot is the place to start and that without conflict found only in plot structure, character can not be fully fleshed out. These authors are also correct.

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novel writing tips

Note: I realize it’s been a while since I have written on this series. The reason hasn’t been because I struggle with laying out my novel writing method; the reason is, however, that I have struggled with some plot problems in the sample story embedded in this series about Gus the Plumber. I had to […]

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(click to enlarge) Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there from mediaRif (card design by Jayme Asbell-Luckau).

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novel writing tips

When writing a long form piece like a novel or a feature screenplay, it is helpful to employ a mechanical approach to building out your story. A detailed plan is like a skeleton. Once all the bones are in place, you can release your creative side and flesh out the skeleton with unbridled character, description, and voice without having to think about where your story will wander next. Act II in your 3-act breakdown is perhaps the most mechanical part of the story building process.

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Let’s be clear up front, I haven’t seen all of the nominated pictures for the top awards, but I don’t think that should preclude me from sharing my thoughts. So the following will be a list of the Best Picture nominees with a brief summary of my thoughts on each, followed by an overall impression of each of the remaining premiere categories. I will also pick which one I think should win, not which one I think will win – those are two completely different things.

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