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Category: Strategery

| Posted in Strategery

When my dad first told me he had hooked me up with a job for the summer at a company called mediaRif, I pictured myself as your typical business woman depicted in movies, going to work in a big office space, dressed in a pinstriped suit, hair tightly wrapped in a bun with a briefcase latched to my side.

This image I had drawn up in my mind totally changed when we first drove up to the office which is an old brick building located right next to the Kaysville Theater in Kaysville, Utah. “There’s the door to your new workplace,” my dad announced amusedly, pointing to an old rickety red door on the back of a building.

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Recently, I watched the movie Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper. The movie was about a writer who suffers from creative block. Cooper played a New York, vagabond-looking author with a killer publication contract—a contract so far from realistic that I almost laughed out loud. Cooper was commissioned, as a first time writer, to author a fiction […]

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People often ask me, “Ben, what is your secret to life? To living successfully?” And of course I tell them that it is all about the Benjamins. Or at least one Benjamin, and that one being me.

Ok, so that may or may not be true (no one has actually ever asked me anything remotely like that), but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have an opinion on it. In fact, if you knew me better (and why wouldn’t you want that), you would know that one of my favorite past times is developing random opinions on the fly about most anything that is in front of me. Given the right situation I could build a pretty solid opinion about coffee, even though I don’t drink coffee and have no understanding of the draw, outside of the caffeine.

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Social Web Experiment #1 – FB National Innuendo Week

For those that know me, it should be no surprise that I am very interested in how ideas catch and then spread online in social networks. I really like playing around with that concept and trying to test my own theories on what motivators are primary in the propagation of such instances. For any of us that have email, or participate in online social networks like Twitter, MySpace, or Facebook, we all have experienced them – whether it is a service man’s faith promoting letter of dubious origin or a fund raising request for a dying child that has been circling the internet for more than a decade.

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Social media and me

Social media is everywhere. And so are the experts. Twitter is so full of social media experts that I hear they are going to have to start rationing out user names that have the word “guru” in them. According to a recent very important and very prestigious study that I shall not name, the number of social media experts in the US alone is equal to the population of the United Kingdom. Plus they all have very lovely aristocratic twitter accents that are just plain adorable (see @stephenfry for an example).

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It slices, it dices, it avoids easy classification (which actually is probably a bit of anathema in the marketing world) for an Agency blog, but what does Blogmaster 2000 really do? Good question. Actually, a very good question. And it is one that we debated internally here at mediaRif quite a bit as we approached our recent exercise in self rebranding.

If you have ever been to more than a few Ad Agency blogs, it is quite quickly apparent that there are a lot of smart people out there and they are all talking about the same things and have all pretty much reached the same conclusions. Which is expected. But what does all of that say about your agency? What would it say about our agency (

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Right off the top, let’s be very clear – I’m not complaining, I love my clients, but there is something that most all agency clients have in common: a strange unexplainable need to ignore the initial rounds of review and then engage on the last round and submit a ton of feedback. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean clients as individuals – individually, for the most part, they all seem to have an understanding of the importance of a disciplined process to manage clean prescriptive feedback. But as organizations, it tends to get lost quickly.

| Posted in Run CMD, Strategery

My thirst for knowledge often takes me to strange places on the internet. Fortunately, I stay on established and well-known (to me, at least) blogs and sites. (There was once an unfortunate incident with duct tape and Cat-5 network cabling–they really shouldn’t be allowed by law to sell those on the same website…) The other day, my musings dumped me, quite end-of-the-waterslide-like, at a magnificent posting about Language Advocacy on the Perl site.

So after considerable thought I’ve decided that I’m Tribe: Java.

| Posted in Run CMD, Strategery

It can be asserted that online business is not only the future of business, it is the present of business. But the Internet is a huge world full of eager entrepreneurs of every size, all vying to cut their own niche out of the market. So how can you jump ahead of the competition? Search engine optimization can be one of your greatest weapons.

| Posted in Strategery

By now, most everyone should have a decent grasp on what social marketing is and how it works at a fundamental level. But before you jump into it, be sure to ask yourself if you really understand what social marketing entails.

Each individual social marketing network has its own unique needs based on how its users interact with it. Today’s best-known social networks are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace. As you contemplate your overal marketing strategy, you will need to build a clear understanding of the audiences that each attracts — for though similar in purpose and competitive in nature, each engages its audience differently.

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