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Tag Archives: 3-act structure

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novel writing tips

novel writing tips

Get ready to roll up your sleeves; its time to put some real elbow grease into your story structure. By now you have a good idea of what your story is going to be. You have probably been working on it in your head even when you are away from your word processor. The more you think about your story, the quicker you will find ways to add twists and turns to the plot and nuances to the characters. But it is essential to put your ideas down on paper.

| Posted in 30fps, Chaos

By now you have a living story in your head. It’s scratching and clawing from the inside, trying to get out. To this point, you have barely dipped your pen in the inkwell by writing a logline and theme. You have started to organize your approach by putting together a story canon. It’s now time to craft a story skeleton upon which you can later hang all of the necessary organs and flesh (in some cases quite a gory endeavor). Time to add to your treatment document.

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