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| Posted in Run CMD
Harley, The Feline Princess

Lately it seems that it’s all the rage to be a Barista. And since I’m a Java programmer, I figure that’s close enough.

According to the Fivebucks Overpriced Hot Chocolate Company (editor’s note: that’s Starbucks Coffee Company) their baristas “create an uplifting experience for our customers and make perfect drinks – one drink and one customer at a time”. As they always provide a perfect flavor profile for my hazelnut hot chocolate, would tend to agree with this statement.

| Posted in Run CMD, Strategery

My thirst for knowledge often takes me to strange places on the internet. Fortunately, I stay on established and well-known (to me, at least) blogs and sites. (There was once an unfortunate incident with duct tape and Cat-5 network cabling–they really shouldn’t be allowed by law to sell those on the same website…) The other day, my musings dumped me, quite end-of-the-waterslide-like, at a magnificent posting about Language Advocacy on the Perl site.

So after considerable thought I’ve decided that I’m Tribe: Java.

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