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| Posted in Chaos

We have come to a place in pop culture where being a geek is all the rage. With Comicon, Dragoncon, super hero movies, 2 new Star Trek joints (one up and coming), and other countless outlets for nerds, all created with precision, talent, and marketing prowess, the powers that be have perfected the art of packaging geekdom in blazing color. They’ve shrink-wrapped it. They’ve put it out into the main stream.

| Posted in Chaos

With the November’s election, the 2-year-old practice of reaching into the not-so-deep grassroots pockets of America and handing out steady lumps of cash to special interests and Hollywood style political endeavors seems to have whipsawed on he who holds the nation’s checkbook. However, if one has learned anything from watching politics carve its mark in the cranium of America, one is prompted to recall, even in the face of a perceived shift of power—Democrat to Republican–the words of Pete Townsend, “Meet the new boss, the same as the old boss.” I propose that there is a third boss worth considering.

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