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1 Infinite Loop

Each week (give or take), Blogmaster2k brings you 1 Infinite Loop, in which Curtis shines a light upon the greasy recesses of geekdom and technomancy.  Email Curtis with your questions, hate mail, or guild applications. I felt that it was appropriate to start off the first of the 1 Infinite Loop article series some information about […]

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A Fine Looking Band, Right There I Do Say

I have a confession for my long-time friends. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I just can’t live in denial any longer. At the risk of alienating friends and family, I just have to say it. I’m The Nickelback Guy.

Yes, that’s right. I’m the guy who likes Nickelback and thinks that they are pretty cool. Yes, all of their songs sound alike. But when all of your songs sound awesome, then why is that a bad thing? (Editor’s Note: I’ve tried to explain this to him, folks, but he just doesn’t get it.)

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Harley, The Feline Princess

Lately it seems that it’s all the rage to be a Barista. And since I’m a Java programmer, I figure that’s close enough.

According to the Fivebucks Overpriced Hot Chocolate Company (editor’s note: that’s Starbucks Coffee Company) their baristas “create an uplifting experience for our customers and make perfect drinks – one drink and one customer at a time”. As they always provide a perfect flavor profile for my hazelnut hot chocolate, would tend to agree with this statement.

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