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Tag Archives: story writing

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BLOGMASTER 2000: Mr. Ben Kent – filmmaker, programmer, funny person, and genuinely good guy. How are you doing and thanks for being my inaugural interview here on Blogmaster2000.

My main hope with this series of interviews, as we discussed briefly when I reached out to you about participating, is to connect with people I genuinely admire and try to dig in a little bit to get a better idea of what drives them (you) and how you got here from there. So, if you are ready, here we go…

What was your dream job as a kid? How is this different from where you are now?

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Good music, the kind that thumps along so hard that you can’t help but start dancing, whirls out from a core of rhythm and repetition. Once a good song gets under your skin, it doesn’t leave you. You sing along; you move your feet; you smile and settle in for the ride. Developing any skill, writing being no exception, is like letting a good groove get into your soul and dancing along.

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novel writing tips

novel writing tips

Get ready to roll up your sleeves; its time to put some real elbow grease into your story structure. By now you have a good idea of what your story is going to be. You have probably been working on it in your head even when you are away from your word processor. The more you think about your story, the quicker you will find ways to add twists and turns to the plot and nuances to the characters. But it is essential to put your ideas down on paper.

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By now you have a living story in your head. It’s scratching and clawing from the inside, trying to get out. To this point, you have barely dipped your pen in the inkwell by writing a logline and theme. You have started to organize your approach by putting together a story canon. It’s now time to craft a story skeleton upon which you can later hang all of the necessary organs and flesh (in some cases quite a gory endeavor). Time to add to your treatment document.

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Living as a writer, whether you are published or not, has many perks. The greatest of which, in my opinion, is the constant and unstoppable parade of stories in your head. Now that you have reached the point where you have written a logline and followed up with theme, the creative energy is undoubtedly sparking. You find yourself thinking about your story often. You can’t help it. You can be anywhere, doing anything, and your story comes to mind. Your characters speak to you (hopefully you don’t converse with them—audibly at least). The plot of your story begins to roll out on the floor of your imagination like a tapestry of color and intersecting lines. You smell what your characters smell; you see what your characters see; you sympathize with their pain and revel in their triumphs.

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NOTE: These articles work as a step-by-step guide. To get the most out of them, you should start from the first article in this series.

Now that you have an effective logline written for your novel, it’s time to breath life into your idea by giving it a clearly defined theme. You might be thinking, “Theme? Come on, Craig, I’m not writing one of Aesop’s fables.” To that I say, not so fast. There is a strong argument for theme. Read on to find out more.

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