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| Posted in Gangrene, Strategery

(This is the second in a planned series of interviews of creative peoples that we admire and of whom we think highly. This interview is with Paul Genesse, the Author of the Best Selling High Fantasy Iron Dragon series of books. Full disclosure: Craig Nybo our Creative Director and CEO has appeared in two editions of […]

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novel writing tips

Note: I realize it’s been a while since I have written on this series. The reason hasn’t been because I struggle with laying out my novel writing method; the reason is, however, that I have struggled with some plot problems in the sample story embedded in this series about Gus the Plumber. I had to […]

| Posted in 30fps, Chaos
novel writing tips

Now that you have established a great foundation of conflict for your story, it’s time to put the finishing touches on act 1 of your 3-act breakdown. I love this phase of the process because I get to see the story bloom like a flower.

During this exercise, you will be forced to explore the feasibility of your story. You will have to face plot problems head on and work them out. You will discover nuances to your story that you haven’t yet considered. You will open new characters and log them into your character document. You will give yourself research assignments.

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