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Tag Archives: writing tips

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novel writing tips

Note: I realize it’s been a while since I have written on this series. The reason hasn’t been because I struggle with laying out my novel writing method; the reason is, however, that I have struggled with some plot problems in the sample story embedded in this series about Gus the Plumber. I had to […]

| Posted in 30fps, Chaos
novel writing tips

When writing a long form piece like a novel or a feature screenplay, it is helpful to employ a mechanical approach to building out your story. A detailed plan is like a skeleton. Once all the bones are in place, you can release your creative side and flesh out the skeleton with unbridled character, description, and voice without having to think about where your story will wander next. Act II in your 3-act breakdown is perhaps the most mechanical part of the story building process.

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novel writing tips

Write what you know: It’s an old mantra that writers hear all the time from keynote speakers at writing conferences. Although it is important for you to write within the spectrum of your experience, it is also important to write a compelling story that convinces readers of the legitimacy of setting, feasibility, and character sincerity.

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